Joining schedule for various positions (5th List) has been published on the website. Applicants are requested to check the announcement number 064 for more details...     




1. Application Process

For current positions
Applicants have to fill the online form against to the position for which they are applying for. On submission candidate can download the PDF or can take the printout which contains all the candidate information with a pre-printed unique registration numbers.

2. Points to be noted while filling the Online application form
  1. Please ensure that you tick the appropriate options carefully in the relevant experience field.
  2. Ensure that you apply only once for any particular position. Multiple applications will lead to all applications being summarily rejected.
  3. Address
    1. Pin code in the address column should be in full. Eg; write 800010 instead of 10 only.
  4. Visible Mark of Identification
    1. The visible mark of identification is asked for the purpose of cross verification of the applicant in future stages.
    2. Applicants are requested to provide any one visible mark from the list below.
      1. Visible scar other than from vaccination
      2. Visible moles
      3. Other visible birth marks if any.
    3. Candidate should clearly mention the location of the birth mark eg: A mole on right chin , Scar from injury on left hand.
3. Probable Reasons for rejection of Applications
  1. Completion
    1. Incomplete fields
    2. Illegible entries
  2. Photos
    1. Photograph with seal affixed on it
    2. Old faded or group photograph
    3. Black and white photograph
    4. Photograph not of the specified size
  3. Solicitation
    1. Contacting (in writing, over phone or fax or any other medium of contact) the HR Agency soliciting support in short listing
    2. Placement of currency notes or cheques inside the application form
    3. Attempting to solicit support over the phone by promising favours or money through third parties
    4. Any other act that can be construed as solicitation, direct or indirect. Possible areas of rejection of online applications will mainly be due to not meeting the eligibility criteria.
4. Confirming Receipt of Application form by HR Agency
  1. The HR Agency will update the status of receipt of your application online by sending an email to your given email ID.
5. Updates from HR Agency
  1. The HR Agency will send updates by SMS to the applicants. Applicants are advised to provide only active and frequently used mobile numbers when asked.
  2. Applicants who have registered their cell number under DND may or may not receive SMS messages from the HR Agency
  3. HR Agency is not accountable for delivery of SMS messages. SMS messages are not in lieu of information on the website. Applicants are requested to verify all details by visiting the website frequently.
6. Documents required during Written Examination

The candidates must bring the photo identity proof for all assessment rounds, the document should be the one which is mentioned on the application form . This can be Driving Licence/Voter's Card/PAN Card/Bank Passbook with duly attested Photograph/Identity Card issued by School or College/ Gazetted Officer in the official letterhead in original as well as a self-attested Photocopy. The photocopy of Identity proof should be submitted along with call letter to the invigilators in the examination hall, failing which or if identity of candidates is in doubt the candidate will not be permitted to appear for the test.

7. Corruption or Fraud Practices Helpline
  1. No fee is proposed to be collected from candidates at any stage or for any reason.
    1. No entity is empowered to promise you a job by “shortcuts” or “bribes” or “special favours.”
    2. Should somebody seek money or any other favour from you or you observe someone else being asked money, please contact HR Agency by sending mail to below e-mail ID. 
    3. We investigate anonymous tips also. Please feel free to give us as much information as possible on fraudulent and corrupt practices.
8. Feedbacks & Complaints

For issues or concerns, please write to candidate should mention his/her Application ID, Name and the Position for which he/she has applied along with the query.

9. Know the Website

Candidates can visit the website for applying the positions listed in the site.